Tuesday travels. . . . . Pitmedden Garden, Aberdeenshire

While staying at Stonefold’s Farm Cottages we took the opportunity to visit the historic garden at Pitmedden, in Aberdeenshire, which was established in 1675 by Sir Alexander Seton who wanted a garden that was in the fashion of Versailles in France. The garden, owned by the National Trust of Scotland, is enclosed by high stone walls.

espaliered trees and lupins

The garden consists of numerous parterres, arranged on three levels, which were being trimmed while we were there.


I like the inclusion of the Scottish thistle and the St Andrew’s cross in this parterre.parterresThere is a visitor centre, tearoom and shop situated in the manor house at the top of the garden. Unfortunately this is not the original house, it is the third as the first two were burnt down.

Pitmedden House

gardener's house

Outside the formal garden area several outbuildings have been turned into a museum of farming life, with a large collection of agricultural tools and displays on what life was like for farm workers in days gone by.  This display brought back many memories for me. This is inside the farmhouse.

inside cottage

Outside the garden the estate is quite large and there are many marked walks you can take.  We took the opportunity for a bit of a wander before indulging in some delicious ice cream from the garden shop.

I can recommend a visit to Pitmedden Garden. This link gives you a detailed information about the garden if you are interested and want to know more.


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  1. A lovely spot. It’s a few years since I’ve been but I seem to recall that the tearoom was rather good. Those little hedges are extremely well kept, aren’t they? I don’t remember going inside the farmhouse, I must have a return visit some time.

  2. Yvonne says:

    Thanks for sharing some summer! I needed that today 🙂

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