A garlic garland, well it is really a plait.

We have grown garlic a couple of times but only ever one or two bulbs.  This year my husband planted lots of garlic and we have gathered a bumper crop.

garlicThis is just some of the garlic we produced.

My parents were keen gardeners.  I should say my father was a keen gardener as my mother had no spare time left to enjoy gardening.

mum dad tomatoes 69As children we were encouraged to help in the garden.  I’m not sure if at all times it was helpful.

Gardening BonavistaThat early encouragement from my parents ensured that I became a keen gardener too.  That’s me with my bottom in the air.

I have spent many happy hours in the garden and it is always special when there is produce to show at the end of your hard work.


12 thoughts on “A garlic garland, well it is really a plait.

    • So easy to grow but you need to be patient. You just plant individual cloves that have started to sprout from a whole bulb. Each clove will grow a new bulb.
      The bulbs will last until it is time for them to start sprouting again. Approx 6 months.

  1. We’ve recently moved house and finally have room for a vegetable plot – although we’re trying to get the overgrown bits in order first. I’m really looking forward to trying my hand at garlic, I love it and I’m told it keeps the rabbits away from your other veg. Good to hear it lasts six months, I was wondering about that.

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