A Val McDermid book from my “to be read” bookshelf


Cross and BurnMy reading challenge this year is to read those books already on my bookshelf, in other words, books to be read, waiting on the shelf.

This book is one I bought second hand from a wonderful second hand bookshop in Sale.  I  bought it last year some time and now I have finally got around to reading it.

From the cover:

Someone is brutally killing women.  Women who bear a striking resemblance to former DCI Carol Jordan.  The connection is too strong to ignore and soon psychological profiler Tony Hill finds himself dangerously close to the investigation, just as the killer is closing in on his next target.

This is a killer like no other, hell-bent on inflicting the most severe and grotesque punishment on his prey.  As the case becomes ever more complex and boundaries begin to  blur, Tony and Carol must work together once more to try to save the victims – and themselves.

Having read many Val McDermid books I feel Carol Jordan and Tony Hill are like old friends to me.  It was great to see them back working together after their previous almost irreconcilable parting.

I love Val McDermids books.  The plot moves really quickly and as a result the book is read at a cracking pace.

Another great read.

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