Mango Chutney again.

We were about to head off to Canberra to visit our younger daughter and son and I realised I needed to make some mango chutney to take with us.  The chutney is a favourite with our eldest granddaughter. I have written about it in a previous blog post.

I used some of my frozen mangoes and whipped up a batch in no time at all.


I had added on my recipe that I needed to make sure the chillies were chopped up small as in my previous batch I had found some large pieces of chilli that had missed the processing.


I am having issues with my label printing as I am using a different page of labels and my old format doesn’t fit hence some labels don’t have the full correctly formatted image but they will at least know what is in the jar.


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  1. Miriam says:

    How wonderful. I’d love the addition of chilli in it

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