A non-fiction book for my 2016 reading challenge


I failed miserably last year in my reading of non-fiction but I have now read a few for this year.

Michael KirbyMichael Kirby is a well-known personality in Australian society and this biography sheds light on a remarkable life.

From the inside cover:

For most of his life, Michael Kirby has been a man on a tightrope.  A person of strong views working in a world governed by objectivity, he has had to balance the potent, sometimes contradictory impulses of passion and duty, honesty and discretion, advocacy and neutrality.

He had to hide his real self from the world for decades, while being the public voice of countless human-rights and legal issues.  His thirty-five years as a federal judge afforded him tremendous authority and power, but often demanded silence or impartiality on matters closest to his heart.

This intimate biography takes us behind the bench to explore the personal, moral and spiritual convictions of one of our most beloved and brilliant citizens, a man who made the law accessible, humane and interesting, a man who was never blown by the prevailing political winds.  It draws on a wealth of previously unavailable letters and papers, as well as interviews with Kirby, his family, friends and – for the first time = Johan van Vloten, his partner of more than forty years. 

This book looks back on a controversial career of dedication and success and a private life of great love, secrecy and finally, openness.

 You can find out a little about his life at his website.

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  1. Kate says:

    I have just finished Rod Laver’s memoir. I will give it to you when you get up here to add to your non fiction reads!

    1. suth2 says:

      Most of my non-fiction reads have been sporting biographies, it will be good to add another one to my list. Thanks for that.

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