A peenie for me


This is from the website Scottish Words Illustrated

I have been doing some sewing for myself.  While my daughter was down from Canberra we took the opportunity to visit Spotlight our local store for fabric.  Needless to say we both bought fabric and my daughter was able to make an item of clothing while she was here and I kept her daughter amused.  I bought some cheap fabric to make an apron and have completed it.

This is the pattern I used.  I have made this pattern a couple of times now so it was easy to do.

I didn’t buy bias binding as it is too expensive as this pattern requires several metres.  I had some left over cotton in blue which I cut up to make the bias tape.

This wonderful gadget is how the tape is made.  You thread the point of your cut fabric into the gadget and press with the iron as you go.

I then had to fold the bias with one side slightly longer than the other.

The construction of the apron is done very quickly the time is taken when you are sewing on the bias tape.

The finished article.

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  1. MrsCraft says:

    Lovely! I didn’t know the word was Scottish, but around here we call it a pinny which must just be derived from that word. Your gadget for making your own binding is awesome too.

    1. suth2 says:

      I have used that gadget so many times. It is invaluable for binding quilts. I love it. I actually have two as you can have them for different sized binding.

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