A reblog from a blog I follow

Graveyards of Scotland is a blog that I follow and I think how I started to follow it was when I posted about visiting Tomnahourich in Inverness when I was a child.  The link to that blog came up on my screen when writing the post because I was visiting a cemetery.


If you click on the link to the Graveyards of Scotland post you will find the story of Alexander Selkirk  who, unless you are acquainted with all things Scottish, you will most likely not have heard of.  On the other hand most of you will know of Robinson Crusoe and I will leave you to read the blog post to find out more.

I grew up in Fife and on various charlies in the car with my family we would on occasion venture through the village of Lower Largo and there you will find a statue of Alexander Selkirk.


That got me thinking of the line of poetry my dad quoted and I realised I didn’t  know the rest of the poem.no-man-is-an-island-john-donne-poem-literature-typography-print-1-studio-grafiikka-1108626540

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