Owlet again but at a bargain price

In 2011 I knitted a Kate Davies Kid Owlet jumper for my granddaughter. I posted about it here.

When I was last down in Melbourne I noticed that the jumper was a bit too small for my granddaughter but she likes it so I thought I would knit her another in a larger size.  Spotlight had a sale on wool so I bought some Cleckheaton Artisan

artisanat an incredible price so the jumper cost $15 to make. An absolute bargain.  I used old buttons that I had cut off a shirt that was no longer serviceable.

kid owlet

I hope she likes this one as much as she did the previous one.

You can find the pattern for Owlet on Ravelry.

I also bought some Artisan in this shade but I am not sure what I will make with it.

Artisan 2



10 thoughts on “Owlet again but at a bargain price

    • I like the neckline on that and the orange would be my choice of colour. Not a bright orange but more a browny orange. I love autumnal tones. I have a summer sweater in white cotton, very similar to this.

      • I love the orange color – I haven’t found any yarn for it yet. I was thinking hemp but then I read how hard it is on your hands and I thought nah – I’ll do wool when I can find what I want. When they do these patterns and use weird yarn dyed by one person who only does it every 6 months or so …… I could pull my hair!

    • Perhaps that is something you could take up. It is not difficult to do. You might find that unbeknownst to you you are actually an accomplished knitter! 🙂

      • I wish! I have tried it but I found getting the tension right really difficult, I’d have loose bits followed by tight bits, and it would turn out very odd. I also only know the most basic knitting stitches and knitting patterns are like double Dutch to me! I agree though, it would be wonderful if I could learn to do it properly.

  1. Oh I L-O-V-E I-T I am certain that your granddaughter will be thrilled to bits… I bet you will get lots of hugs and a bunch of kisses for it… which, I bet will make you smile and tingle all over!
    The colours are fantastic, and the style of the jumper is very pretty, what a lovely grandma you are! Best wishes, keep busy, Jay x

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