A new section of the East Gippsland Rail Trail for me.


Recently I rode a section of the rail trail I haven’t ridden before and it means I will have ridden the trail from Bairnsdale to Orbost  but obviously not all in one go.  The Trail is approximately 100km.Three of us rode from Waygara to Orbost and back again, a distance of 34 kms.

It was a great ride with no major hills to contend with on our way, only a slow uphill section at the end of our trip.

There was evidence of the rail line at various points along the route.

and there was plenty of signage to let us know about the history of the train line and the bike trail.

The first picture just looks like green fields but the horizontal line in the distance is the longest timber railway bridge in Victoria, you can see it in a bit more detail in the second picture. ( Click on each picture to see it clearly. )

A campaign has been mounted to save  Victoria’s longest rail bridge.

When we reached Orbost we stopped in the beautiful park to have our picnic lunch. I will need to visit again when COVID is over so I can then visit the tourist attractions which were closed when we visited.

Orbost is on the banks of the Snowy River which has flooded Orbost many times as this flood marker shows.

1971 was the highest flood and if you click this link you will get full details of the damage to the trestle bridge on that occasion.

A really enjoyable section of the rail trail.


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