A new flower for us.


We had a new flower in our garden recently.  We have many different succulents which had been planted by the previous owners.  In the back garden there were several that just look like a cross between a yucca and agave.


There has been no flower in the years that we have been here but to our surprise we watched with anticipation when a stem was produced on one of the plants.


After watching this stem increase in height over a couple of weeks it eventually produced an amazing flower.


The flower lasted for quite some time and it resembled lots of tulips on a stalk.  My husband did some research in the internet and apparently the plant only produces a flower once.  That is it.

Thought it was possibly agave parviflora but it isn’t.  More likely agave filifera according to the written description but ours doesn’t look like the picture.

Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 8.29.52 pm

Screen shot from http://www.gardenia.net

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