Broken, shattered, smashed. . . .oops!

I have been doing the tidying up after finally completing the painting of the front hall.  I had to trim around the edge of the glass in the door windows and then sweep up the scraped off bits of paint.  As I was getting up off the floor, after having swept the debris into the dustpan, I somehow bumped the hall table and sent a vase tumbling to the floor.

broken vase

I realise it is only a material object but I was upset as this vase meant much to me.  I was chastising myself for being so careless then I thought, yes it is only a thing.  But I couldn’t get rid of the thought that it was a special “thing”.  I retrieved the pieces from the bin and will glue most of it back together and put it out in the garden with a plant tumbling out of it.  Not ideal but at least I will still have it.


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  1. james says:

    Oh no!…well, at least it might look good out on the garden with something growing out of ot 🙂

    1. suth2 says:

      Thanks James. I was upset when it happened but like you say it will look good out in the garden. I will put it near the water feature.

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