A visit to Morris and Sons in Melbourne and the end result.

When I go to Melbourne a visit to the wool store Morris and Sons is always on my agenda and on my last visit with my daughter we both popped into the shop.  I was going to buy some replacement pins for my Knit Pro needles that had broken.  The shop assistant informed my that if I sent the broken pins to the store I would get replacements for free as they had a lifetime guarantee,  I was thrilled with that.  The pins that had broken were bamboo and I opted to replace them with steel ends as I find I put too much strain on the pins when knitting and if they are fine then the end result is breakage.

While we were in the shop we noticed a lovely hot water bottle cover featuring Kate Davies ‘s Sheep’s Heid pattern.  The pattern was for free so I got one of those to take home.  I didn’t need to buy any wool as I knew I had scraps at home suitable for the pattern.

A very quick knit and this is the end product. Without the bottle and with the bottle.

IMG_3966IMG_3967There was a blank graph sheet that came with the pattern so I am now making a cover that features Stormtroopers from StarWars.  I will let you see it when it is finished.


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