What we have done to our hedge.


Our side hedge is quite a long hedge and over the years since we have lived here the height of it seems to get taller and taller.  One year we did get someone in to lower the hedge but it obviously wasn’t low enough and it has grown back over the years again.

You can see from the picture below our hedge height before I started to cut it back.

The reason for cutting it down so much lower is that I am now in my seventies and I guess I am more aware that when I get on a platform there is the possibility that I might fall and that would not be a good thing.  To cut the top of the hedge I needed to get on a platform that was about a metre high, not a good height from which to fall.

I have cut the hedge down to head height so I should be able to reach it more easily.

There was certainly plenty of green waste to take to the tip as we managed about eleven ute loads.

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